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Medical and health journals are great historical masterpieces of articles and they are results of profound works by authors, researchers, scientists, health professionals, educators, librarians, reviewers, editors, and publishers. And the 2018 Convention of APAME is the forum of these professionals to exchange views and experiences, to educate ourselves through training workshops and to develop standards of journal editing and publishing. In this era of global community.


Basic understanding on research methods and ethics is the very first task for medical and health professionals. Reading and managing library information are next step. Search and access on literature will followed by good writing. But clearly our roles also require sound review, critique and editing of articles. Editors and publishers are very important collaborators particularly in this region. And then search and access to metadata or full text data are to be developed.


Indeed, medical and health journals are human artefacts that have to be respected, used and reused to produce another knowledge products for decades and generations. In this regards the Joint Meeting of APAME and the World Health Organization (WHO) at the Western Pacific Region (WPR) and South East Asian Region (SEAR) is the fantastic combination to contribute to the improvement of health in the Asia Pacific Region by ensuring the quality and dissemination of health-related information. And the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) and Index Medicus of the South East Asia Region (IMSEAR) are like directory maps of our treasures.


Lastly I would like to reiterate the objectives of APAME:


  1. To encourage collaboration and facilitate communication among medical journal editors in the region and globally;
  2. To improve editorial standards and promote professionalism in medical editing through education, self-assessment, and self-governance;
  3. To facilitate research writing and peer-review processes through training workshops, seminars and other activities; and
  4. To foster the continuing education of medical journals editors, reviewers, editorial staff, publishers and librarians in the region.

Professor Wilfred CG Peh

President, the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME)