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Group poto at APAME2015.jpg


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APAME2015 Cultural Opening.jpg


APAME2015 Cultural show.jpg


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APAME2015 Mahap Lindie.jpg


APAME2015 Malaysia Saw Aik, Looi Lai Meng.jpg


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APAME2015 Myanmar Khi Khi.jpg


APAME2015 Organizing Committee.jpg


APAME2015 PCHRD Montoya.jpg


APAME2015 Philippines Avila.jpg


APAME2015 SEARO Raby.jpg


APAME2015 Singapore Wilfred Lapena.jpg


APAME2015 UP Manila Padilla.jpg


APAME2015 Vietnam.jpg


APAME2015 Welcome Lapena.jpg


APAME2015 WPRO Corrin.jpg


APAME2015 WPRO Villemin.jpg


WHO hall at APAME2015.jpg


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Conjoined 2017-04-21 pm 16:31

Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME) Convention 2015, Manila, Philippines, 24 August 2015


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