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DAY1 : 3 August 2013


Plenary Lecture 1

  • Eva Baranyiovà / Science, Communication and Integrity in the Third Millennium


Session 1 : Clinical Trial Registry (CTR) and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

  • Merlita Opeña / Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) : Clinical Trials in the Philippine Health Research Registry
  • Hyun-Young Park / Korean Trial Registration System
  • Kiichiro Tsutani / UMIN-Clinical Trials Registry (UMIN-CTR)
  • Masayuki Saijo / Unintended Use of Research Results through Publication: Dual Use of Virus Study
  • Iekuni Ichikawa / E-Learning of Research Ethics


Session 2 : Open Access

  • Jeong-Wook Seo / Different Styles of Open Access and Their Value Against Information Explosion
  • Deborah Kahn / How Open Access is Changing Scholarly Publishing
  • Marie Villemin Partow / WHO Institutional Repository for Information Sharing (IRIS)


Short Seminar 1

  • Takako Sota / Creative Commons License


Session 3A: COPE Seminar 1

  • Chris Graf / Lecture
  • Hitoshi Nakagama / Case Report: Case Studies from Cancer Science
  • Tetsuya Tanimoto / Case Report: Recent Topics on Misconducts in Japan
  • Jeong-Wook Seo / Context-Based Assessment Scheme for Suspected Plagiarized Scholarly Articles


Session 3B: COPE Seminar 2

  • Chris Graf / Lecture
  • Atsushi Manabe / Case Report: Case Studies from Pediatrics International
  • Jeong-Ho Kim / Cross-Check Usage in Korea and Instruction for Authors
  • Chong-Woo Bae / Ethical Review of Duplicate Publication by KAMJE


Session 4: E-Library and E-Journals

  • Hyun-Young Park / Introducing the Korean National Library of Medicine
  • Masamitsu Negishi / SPARC Japan
  • Mitsuru Mizuno / J-STAGE and Japan Link Center (JaLC)
  • Sun Huh / Journal Article Tag Set 1.0 XML for Papers in Japanese:How Can Full Text XML Files be Used in DOI XML, Pubreader, and Smart App
  • Daya Chandran Kuruppu / Knowledge Dissemination Services for the Need of Future Generations


Session 5: Promotion of Medical Journals' Publishing

  • LY Cheng Huy / Current Status of Medical Journal Publishing in Cambodia
  • Menorath Sing / Current Status of Medical Journal Publishing in Lao PDR
  • Badrakh Burmaajav / Current Status of Medical Journal Publishing in Mongolia
  • Arun Neopane / Current Status of Medical Journal Publishing in Nepal
  • Ngo Van Toan / Current Status of Medical Journal Publishing in Viet Nam
  • Tan Tze Lee / Singapore Family Physician Journal, Current Status and Future Aspirations
  • Fang An / Data Transfer to WPRIM
  • Se-Jeong Oh / Update of KAMJE's Policy on Journal Evaluation


Short Seminar 2

  • Masao Okazaki / Common Mistakes by Japanese Medical Writers


Plenary Lecture 2

  • Toshimasa Yoshioka / Medical Education and Medical Journal


DAY2 : 4 August 2013


Session 6: Editorial/Reporting Guidelines and Peer Review

  • Jennie Greaney / WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health Editorial Guidelines
  • Eric Healy / WPRO Editorial Guidelines
  • John T. Arokiasamy / Editorial Guidelines and the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME)
  • Wilfred Peh / Common Mistakes by Asian Medical Authors
  • Sung-Tae Hong / Ten Keeps of Writing Medical Articles
  • Anita Jain / Reporting Guidelines of the EQUATOR Network
  • Dai Tao / Peer Review of Chinese Medical Journals
  • Jose Florencio Lapeña, Jr. / Reviewing Peer Review: Current Status, Future Challenges


Session 7: National Association of Medical Editors

  • Peter L. Munk / Medical Publishing in Canada - Perspective From a Small National Radiology Journal
  • Oh Hoon Kwon / Updates on KoreaMed/Synapse
  • Kiyoshi Kitamura / Proposal for Sharing Reviewers among APAME Countries



  • Hae Won Kim / Challenges and Future Directions on Journal "Perspectives in Nursing Science" in Korea
  • Country Report: Republic of Korea / Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (Republic of Korea)

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